Anxiety & Anger Management

Many children with autism spectrum conditions experience periods of severe anxiety in their lives.  Often children and young people find it difficult to understand and express their emotions in a positive way.


The PAST Anger /Anxiety Management programme has been written by Laura Kerbey with the needs of young people with autism spectrum conditions in mind.  Laura has a degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Autism, and  a  Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  


The programme can be delivered at PAST Head Office, in the home or within schools and colleges to help you deliver the programme in house.  The programme can be delivered with individuals, but also works in groups where appropriate.

This programme is delivered by Laura Kerbey or Angela Kelly.


As all children and their needs differ so much there is no fixed time scale for this programme.  We work with individuals - not labels.



Outline of Programme Content


  • Building rapport between therapist and pupil.​

  • Exploring different emotions – i.e. what makes you happy / sad / angry / scared / anxious.

  • What effect do the different emotions have on the body and on thoughts and behaviour?

  • ​How does anger / anxiety affect people differently.

  • Exploring the physical causes and symptoms of anger and anxiety – i.e fight or flight.

  • Introducing the concept of CBT.​

  • Completing an anger map.

  • The responsibility of behaviour

  • Changing thoughts about angry / anxious situations.

  • The Incredible 5 Point Scale

  • Exploring my Anger /Anxiety

  • Using Distraction and Diversion Techniques​

  • Breathing Exercises.



For more informationplease contact: 


Laura Kerbey                 07769 116382

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