Pathological Demand Avoidance - PDA

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) is a complex autism spectrum condition characterised by high anxiety and a need to be in control.  As a result of high anxiety individuals with PDA can find everyday demands and requests intolerable.  Often children and young people with PDA can display behaviours that are challenging to others.

The strategies to manage PDA are different to the strategies that can be effective for indivudals with other forms of autism.  Many parents feel frustrated and helpless as children with PDA can behave very differently at home and school, and therefore are often told that their childs behaviour is a result of their parenting.

Many Local Authorities do not recognise PDA as it is not in the DSMV - Surrey is one of these authorities, however, at PAST we can advise you on how to work with LA's to ensure your child gets the support they require.

Listen and watch the webinar by Laura Kerbey on PDA -

Listen to the brilliant interview Laura did with Julia Daunt on PDA -

Listen to the interview on PDA with Judy Eaton and a PDA parent  -

 How we can help at PAST:


  • One to one consultations with parents and carers to discuss effective behaviour management and PDA strategies

  • Liaise and work with schools and colleges to ensure appropriate support in education

  • Support Groups for parents and carers

  • Parent and carer training on PDA


If you suspect that your child has PDA you may find it helpful to complete the Extreme Demand Avoidance  Questionnaire  on the PDA Society Website

If you would like further information on any of the above please contact us.

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