Deborah Young 

At different times in our lives we may need to reach out for that little extra support to see us through the blips, lumps and bumps also known as life. In order for us to get ourselves back on track, we may have a need for someone to sit and listen to our fears/anxieties/worries and difficulties without judging, without assuming and without opinions.

My personal journey with my youngest child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), high anxieties and challenging behaviour, all contributed to my pathway into counselling.

I understand the impact this may have on the individual, relationships, siblings, parents and extended families. This experience underpins my interest in counselling those whose lives are likewise effected, but is not limited to specific conditions or diagnoses. I have experience with a wide range of clients; adults and young people with varying needs and difficulties which impact on their daily lives.

I offer counselling support for the individual/siblings and family; across the generations and across the spectrums of abilities and disabilities.

Training, qualifications & experience

BSc (Hons) in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy - Roehampton University

Access to Higher Education Diploma in Counselling - Guildford College
National Autistic Society, Early Bird Programme - Surrey
National Autistic Society Parent to Parent service training - London
Teaching Assistant Certificate - Guildford

General counselling
Loss and bereavement, anxiety, family issues, anger management, isolation, self esteem, depression.
Counselling adults and young people with learning disabilities.

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