Karen Stepanova - North West Trainer and Family Support 

I’ve been working in adult and further education for over 15 years, initially at my local college of further education within the holistic therapy department. I then went on to work in the health and wellbeing industry delivering and developing courses for private companies.

First and foremost I’m a mother of 2 wonderful children the younger of whom has high functioning Autism and PDA. The highs, lows and challenges experienced led me to discover and attend one of PAST’s parenting courses. The positive impact the strategies had on family life have brought me to wanting to do the same for other parents and professionals.  I am passionate that children are cared for, supported, understood and included but never excluded! Having spent the last 6 years navigating and fighting my way through the minefield of diagnosis or no diagnosis, EHCP applications, appeals and meetings, I have discovered a wonderful and enlightening  support network with other parents and hope to share this support with those who need it.


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