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"Laura Kerbey delivered a half-day training session to my team at work recently on Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance. This was the most useful training we have had for a long time. Laura was very engaging with clear, advice on strategies as well as amusing and helpful anecdotes. These examples really helped to illuminate the issues. The combination of evidence and research in the presentation made the information credible and relatable. My colleagues felt that they understood the issues behind the labels of ASD and PDA and also how to better support our families who have to manage the behaviour on a daily basis. I can definitely recommend this training if you are a parent or if you are supporting parents. Thank you, Laura!"  Cerys Williams, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, November 18

"Dear Laura - I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for the most inspiring and informative INSET here at Kimbolton on Monday, this week. Your approach was so refreshing, engaging and staff especially liked the personal anecdotes and light touch approach to the training. We’ve certainly got a bit of work to do but you have set the direction of travel very firmly. On a personal level I can honestly say it was the best INSET I have experienced in a very long time indeed.  Many thanks and well done!" Phil Foley Head Teacher Kimbolton School, Cambridge Sept 18

"I found the course enlightening as you provided many real life examples to back up the context. It's great to know that you 'get it' and have loads of experience with these types of young people and know the reasons behind their behaviour and that they are not 'bad'. My greatest achievement was realising that my son was not behaving in this manner just to annoy me but actually understanding the reasons behind his behaviour. I realise that I've got a bit lazy/complacent at times and have not diffused situations in the appropriate way but I'm only human! I also learnt that my son is 100% PDA, there isn't an ounce of him that is not." Mrs T - Surrey - Parent


"Thank you Laura for an excellent training morning which covered how to support children with autism, pathological demand avoidance and challenging behaviour. I attended with three other colleagues and we all commented that it was one of the best training sessions we have attended. The training was delivered in an engaging way and was incredibly informative. We all left with increased understanding of how to support these children, a greater awareness of what may be triggering such behaviours and we also knew where to seek further support, if needed. You also created an atmosphere where parents/carers and professionals felt able to share their own experiences which was invaluable. Thank you again." Hannah Wing - SENCO and Assistant Head for Inclusion  - St Nicolas and St Mary CE Primary School

"Many of our students have had failed placements as their extreme demand avoidance has made it difficult for people to meet their needs.  Laura's training gave our staff the skills they needed to go beyond the standard ASC strategies and support the students to be successful in their education again" Clare Truman - Spectrum Space Specialist Provision for Children with High Anxiety and PDA.

"After hearing about PAST, I went along to a talk Laura gave on dealing with children with autism and the challenging behaviours this can bring. The day workshop was really helpful in giving us real life tools to use when things 'kicked off', or simply day to day chores. She also was adept at facilitating debates within that group of parents and carers, without this taking time away from the information she gave, which is a real skill. After this we asked her to work one on one with our son. This is not only helping him with his anxiety and self esteem, but the recommendations and information we've gleamed from her has been a real god send. Working with PAST has catapulted us forward, on the never-ending journey of parenting a child with autism, we as a family, couldn't recommend them more highly." Mrs F - Parent - Surrey

"I wanted to say thank you again for the training. Just this morning I used the technique you taught us about offering two options. I had a 5 year old with Autism in a mainstream group and he was unsure of the activity. I asked if he wanted to hold the red or green caterpillar, holding both out so he could choose. Such a simple thing but suddenly he was able to join in because he chose a colour and could then do the next step. It gave me confidence to know I was helping him to engage even in a small way so thank you." -F.Ward  -The Holly Lodge Centre Richmond

"Hi Laura, I wanted to hand over my compliments and thanks on behalf of all of the team at Acorn Park for the fantastic training you gave us on PDA, From this training the lives of one of our young people has dramatically improved.
As the staff team now understand the appropriate ways to support our young person, his anxieties have dramatically decreased, and his emotional well being and happiness is now better than ever.
Our young persons bond with adults, and other young people are now flourishing, and his is now able to spend time at home each weekend, which has never been possible in his 7 years residing with us.
Through your training the importance of choices and him being in control have been highly recognized, and our young person now no longer needs the medication he had been on in order to manage his anxieties. On behalf of the staff, the family and the young person, I would like to whole heartedly thank you for your on going support and guidance"
- N Deaton - Acorn Park School

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the course today, it was brilliant. I think I understand my children better now and hope I'm strong enough to put the strategies in place and stick to them. It was lovely to meet other parents too, it always helps to know that you're not aloneD Scally –June 2016


"Extremely informative - I have learnt so much today!  Thank you!"

Supporting Children, Teenagers and Young People with Pathological Demand Avoidance - Accredited Level 2 - August 2015


"Laura was great, so knowledgable and helpful.  I now feel I have the strategies I need to support children with PDA more effectively"

Supporting Children, Teenagers and Young People with Pathological Demand Avoidance - Accredited Level 2 - August 2015



"I want to thank you for an excellent presentation. Many of my staff said to me that it was one of the best presentations they have ever attended. The pacing was good, the content excellent and full of good advice" - J.Kullman - Head of Early Years - ACS Cobham.  November 2014.


"Very helpful strategies for managing challenging behaviours and understanding student anxieties"

(Working with Students on the Autistic Spectrum - INSET)


"All aspects were extremely interesting and informative - I thoroughly enjoyed it - thank you!"

(Working with students on the Autistic Spectrum  - INSET)


"Fantastic course with up to date and relevant information - well presented"

(Meeting the Needs of Learners with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Conditions in the Classroom - Level 2 - October 2013)


"Really interesting facts and learning resources"
(Meeting the Needs of Learners with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Conditions in the Classroom - Level 2 - October 2013)

"PAST has provided our family with fantastic support since we moved to Surrey last year.  I have attended the coffee mornings and parent training which I have found so helpful and supportive.  We use PAST babysitters on a regular basis and our son sees Laura once a week for emotional support.  I don't know what we would do without PAST!" - J Austin  - Parent, Surrey.



Laura has been working with our 3 year old grandson this summer. Lewis has special needs and his speech is delayed.
With creative play and such enthusiasm, she has focused on Lewis' need to concentrate and be patient, teaching him to take turns and be aware of others needs. She has also supplied us with some useful visual aids and helpful advice on daily living with Lewis.  With her natural ability to relate to children with problems, the interest she has shown in Lewis has encouraged him to be more confident in his speech. Laura has successfully managed to improve his concentration and importantly Lewis has enjoyed all the time spent with her.

Thank you Laura!

(S. Webber 2013)

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