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Healthy Happy Me!

Healthy Happy Me! provides support to children to help them achieve a happy body and a healthy mind.  We can provide counselling, anxiety management, self esteem boosting etc from our excellent team of counsellors.  We also help with diet and nutrition, fitness and weight management.  This service is open to all children and teenagers.

Nigel Pugh - Education Advocacy


Education Advocacy offer parents an affordable alternative to solicitors, charging approximately a third of what most lawyers would charge.

The Education Advocacy team is headed up by Nigel Pugh, who has 20 years experience supporting parents and children as they go through the Special Educational Needs process. Not only does Nigel have first hand experience as a parent of two children with special educational needs, but he has previously worked within a Local Authority's Parent Partnership Scheme and so has seen the process from both sides.

Education Advocacy are specialists in their field focussing purely on Special Educational Needs Law. We offer a breadth and depth of experience enabling us to quickly ascertain the key points of your case understanding exactly what needs to be done and how.,


AA free web resource that provides information about adolescent bullying, addiction, and mental health issues.


The National Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University examined the link between learning disability and substance abuse, concluding that there is need for action to protect special needs children from falling prey to drug, alcohol and tobacco use.


To assist parents in their efforts to educate their children on the dangers of substance abuse, we have created A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents:





Amanda Clifford - Occupational Therapist


I am an Australian Occupational Therapist and mum of 4 children, living in beautiful Surrey. I have been working with children with ASD for the past 18 years, specializing in early intervention and family-centred practice. I have loved working alongside some amazing families and children, to help make life more enjoyable, rewarding and fun.


Often it is the practical day-to-day activities that can be the most trying. Getting ready and out the door in the morning, liaisons with the school, managing and encouraging peer friendships, eating at the dinner table and getting everyone to bed can prove to be the most stressful of situations. Providing effective, realistic and practical strategies to help at these times is so important and I have seen them be the difference between a good and a disastrous day.


I have a special interest in sensory processing and its influence on learning specific skills in play, motor skill development and social interactions for school. I provide specialist OT intervention for children from early learning and preschool right through to their primary school years. I have specific specialist skills in using technology – iPad apps, computer software, dedicated communication devices – to harness the child’s internal motivation through this medium and facilitate development of communication and learning skills.


Training, coaching and walking alongside families has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Empowering and encouraging carers to advocate for their child and feel confident in parenting is central with any family I have had the privilege of working with. I strongly believe that making effective and supportive services available to all families should be a given, and the family the centre of the whole process.


Please e-mail me on or call 07446 193333.


Can't Go Won't Go


Local support group for families of 'school refusers', based in Redhill, Surrey. As two mums whose children have been unable to go to school for long periods of time, we understand the stress this creates, and how hard it can be to access the right help. We believe the best support comes from other families and their own experiences, and this group was set up to facilitate this shared learning.


Surrey Dyslexia Assessment and Teaching Centre


Surrey Dyslexia Assessment and Teaching Centre is a small, dedicated team based in West Horsley Surrey.  They offer a range of services and can be contacted on 07540 174659.  Feel free to contact them to discuss Dyselxia and Specific Learning Difficulties, Assessments for children and adults, One to One individually targeted teaching, Self esteem and effects on learning, Access arrangements for GCSEs, A Levels and university courses and many other topics.


Contact Ann Behn or Elaine Breen by phone or at

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